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Yak Yak is a curatorial project that features newly commissioned and existing works by artists whose practices address rural contexts as particular sites for art making and cultural production.

Artists and art/farming/architecture assemblages and collectives from four continents present works that engage with their own localities and with other localities, emphasizing the importance of trans-local dialogue around the future of rural places.

Yak Yak is conceived within the framework of ACRE (Australia's Creative Rural Economy), a network and project based in the Victoria/NSW region. The ACRE Project generates art interventions and dialogues in rural situations, opening a space to think differently about what can happen on farms in the present and the future. 

Yak Yak takes place in the Swan Hill Regional Art Gallery, Victoria. It is co-curated by Ian Tully and Fiona Woods, working closely with invited contributors. 


rural/art dialogues

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